Stepping through dream windows, we look at the world as a child could see it.  Dreams and Imagination combines reality with creativity and by using both a script and songs, it wanders through a land of discovery – of the world around children and of themselves and their place in this world.  Children can imagine and become birds flying in the sky or bumblebees sipping on a flower, but through it all, they know they are loved and are very special.

Dreams and Imagination is a journey into a child’s world, but it is also a positive statement of self-worth and love.


"Linda’s music creatively weaves positive words of encouragement through each song and story.  As an elementary school teacher, my students thoroughly enjoy listening to each unique rhythm and melody.  Quite a powerful supplement to our daily classroom life!"

Jeanne Lucey, M.S., Reading and Literacy, Strategic Coach, Lead Teacher – Third Grade, The Westminster Schools, Atlanta, GA
Mother of two

"What a pleasure it was to listen to Dreams and Imagination. In a world that bombards children with violent cartoon characters, anger, and unrest, it is a breath of fresh air to have this work of calm, soothing inspiration. What a joy to participate in the imagery throughout the CD: to soar with the eagles and to buzz with the bees. The CD is ideal for children in a variety of settings, such as at home at naptime or quiet play time, at day care, preschool, and elementary school to encourage imagination and build self-esteem. Practitioners who specialize in children’s mental health might also find Dreams and Imagination a useful tool to stimulate self-exploration and positive thinking. I would absolutely love to see Dreams and Imagination be used as the theme for a much needed positive children’s television program. The wonderful message that the world loves children is not shared with our children nearly enough through the media, and Dreams and Imagination is a positive, upbeat, yet peaceful product of hope and joy for living."
Kim Carter, PhD, RN, Director and Professor, School of Nursing, Radford University, Radford VA Research Coordinator, LewisGale Hospital at Montgomery
Mother of two

"Dreams and Imagination is full of wonderful imagery and music.  It engages the auditory and visual systems of a child in a way that aids in relaxation and creates an atmosphere of peace and calm.  The messages in the program enhance children's self-esteem, sense of wonder, and presence in their physical bodies.  Dreams and Imagination has a message that can be healing for children as well as adults.  I would love to see it performed someday by a group of children, and I imagine that the adults will be as engaged as the children with the beautiful words and music.  I recommend it for the parents of my child clients who are looking for a way to aid in their child's sense of self and value." 

Susan Volentine, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Marietta GA